What do you truly yearn for?

Let me guess...

You want to embark upon the journey of your life feeling happy, healthy, and positive with who YOU are and what you do.

You want to feel more aligned and deeply connected to you life purpose, and feel confident and resilient without worry, fear, or self-doubt setting in.

You want to put a stop to anxious thoughts and break free of excessive worry so you can revel in the beautiful journey called life that's teeming with endless opportunities and possibilities. 

But right now, your head feels like it's in a clamp, you are overwhelmed, lost, or just need a new direction to look at life in a different way. 

You hit the end of the day mentally drained of the endless juggle that is work, life, and family. 

And yet, you find yourself seeking answers to - Why am I not happy? Am I not good enough? Where am I going wrong? What can I do better? Why am I overthinking everything?

If this is how you feel, let me take you on a cozy little experience...

Take a long, deep breath in...focused and slow...and then exhale through your mouth as you relax your shoulders...take another breath in... and out...letting the mental chatter quiet.

Now, feeling calm and relaxed, with your energy flowing through you, let's IMAGINE what it would feel like to thrive mentally and emotionally.
Happy woman

Let us imagine...

IMAGINE where you could be if you fully embraced a guilt-free, and much-needed, self-care routine. Feeling so much warmth, comfort and self-love from practicing it, that it pours into other aspects of your life including work, relationships, and physical health. (You cannot pour from an empty cup)

IMAGINE if you had the space, energy, and capacity in your mind to feel like you can breathe more profoundly, with a sense of direction, better focus, and improved mental clarity. Helping you put the chaos you feel into perspective and live a life feeling energised, inspired, and motivated to do things you really love and enjoy! Every single day!

IMAGINE what it would feel like if you could calibrate your decisions wisely, and set effective and kind boundaries, from a place of positivity and strength. Allowing you to better manage the mental workload, incorporate healthy lifestyle habits, support your personal growth, and help you live unapologetically as yourself. 

IMAGINE what it would feel like to nurture the power of relaxation and get a better, and more restful sleep. You can stay calm, productive, and focused - feeling refreshed and re-energised to function at your best no matter what emotional or challenging times life throws at you. 

IMAGINE rekindling the connection with your true self, so you can harbour a loving relationship with you again, and embrace the feeling of inner peace and serenity. 

IMAGINE going to bed with a sense of joy and satisfaction, knowing what you achieved that day, was worth it. PS: You are always worth it. 

You know that little voice in your head that pulls you towards what is TRULY aligned with who you are? The one that KNOWS you are capable of so much more?

But you just don't know how to get there!

You may have invested your time reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, or following all sorts of 'mentors'.

But here's the truth: Changing your state of mind, your situation, or your life isn't like changing a light bulb. In fact, it is not something one can simply DIY.

I can empathise because I have been there myself...more than once!

That is why I created Master your Mental Health.

Everything you need to master your mental health and wellbeing at your fingertips!

This foundation course will help you to take your power back and allow you to better understand how your thoughts create your experiences, and how you can transform this and your whole life!

In this 8-week course, I will be sharing a powerful step-by-step framework to help you unlock your full potential, all the way from evidence-based tools and techniques to simple day-to-day hacks shared in a practical and digestible way.

We will do the inner work and help you become deeply connected to your purpose. Meeting you exactly where you are NOW. Whatever your stage or age, this ultimate wellbeing toolkit has space for you here...

Sound good? I've got your back and I am thrilled to invite you on this journey with me, so you too can move towards feeling lighter and brighter.
Happy Group pf people

When you sign up for this course, here's what you will get:

  • Video Lessons

    Within each module are bitesize video lessons covering the learning points of the subject.

  • Workbook

    Each module comes with a workbook. Your workbook contains the learning points, ideas, prompts and worksheets.

  • Worksheets

    Your course is packed with exercise worksheets which you can use as many times as you like.

  • Audios

    You have relaxation and meditation audios included which are downloadable to use whenever you wish.

  • Bonus Templates

    Bonus templates are included for your ongoing wellness journey, once your course is completed.

  • 12 months access

    You will have access to your course lessons for 365 days after enrollment.

  • Drip content

    Your course modules are drip fed on a weekly basis, so you can time manage your learning and avoid overwhelm.

  • Email Support

    You can access support, guidance or answers to your questions throughout your journey, by contacting me via email.

  • Mentor Groups

    You will have access to Zoom Mentor Groups to ask questions, seek guidance or access support.


“Karina is one of the most kind and caring people you're likely to meet. She was absolutely made to help people with their struggles and she's doing amazing things in helping transform people's lives for the better. If you're looking for someone who can genuinely help you get clarity and start living life to your fullest potential, then you couldn't find a better counsellor.”

Andy B

“I can highly recommend Karina Ferey as a therapist. I have known Karina for many years in my professional work in mental health and Karina is authentic and highly skilled as a therapist. Her clients receive the benefits of her professionalism and genuine interest in them when working with her.”

Stephen M

“Karina is a thoroughly empathetic therapist, she has a unique way of connecting with people and enabling people to connect with their true selves and identities. There's an old safety question regarding finding a therapist, "Would you send a family member to them" ? I would not hesitate to send anyone to Karina for counselling, support and in finding themselves.”

Alan K

Watch Intro Video

Welcome Video

What's Inside...

  • 01


  • 02

    Module 1 - The Foundations

    • Introduction to Module 1

    • Lesson 1 - Exercise

    • Lesson 2 - Healthy Diet

    • Lesson 3 - Sleep Hygiene

    • Lesson 4 - Summary

    • The Foundations - Workbook

    • Lesson 5 - Practice

  • 03

    Module 2 - Managing Stress

    • Introduction to Module 2

    • Lesson 1 - A Global View

    • Lesson 2 - Stress Awareness

    • Lesson 3 - The Stress Response

    • Lesson 4 - The Solution

    • Lesson 5 - Summary

    • Stress Management - Workbook

    • Lesson 6 - Practice

  • 04

    Module 3 - Dealing with Thoughts & Feelings

    • Introduction to Module 3

    • Lesson 1 - Processing Our Feelings

    • Lesson 2 - Sharing

    • Lesson 3 - Journaling

    • Lesson 4 - Summary

    • Thoughts & Feelings - Workbook

    • Lesson 5 - Practice

  • 05

    Module 4 - Reframing the Negatives

    • Introduction to Module 4

    • Lesson 1 - Thinking Patterns

    • Lesson 2 - Reframing

    • Lesson 3 - Summary

    • Reframing the Negatives - Workbook

    • Lesson 4 - Practice

  • 06

    Module 5 - Mindfulness Meditation

    • Introduction to Module 5

    • Lesson 1 - What is Mindfulness?

    • Lesson 2 - Practicing Mindfulness

    • Lesson 3 - Summary

    • Mindfulness - Workbook

    • Lesson 4 - Practice

    • Mindful Breathing Meditation - (6 minutes)

    • Mindful Body Scan - (10 minutes)

  • 07

    Module 6 - Practicing Gratitude

    • Introduction to Module 6

    • Lesson 1 - Practicing Gratitude

    • Lesson 2 - Summary

    • Gratitude - Workbook

    • Lesson 3 - Practice

  • 08

    Module 7 - A Little Relaxation

    • Introduction to Module 7

    • Lesson 1 - Why Relax?

    • Lesson 2 - Barriers and Benefits

    • Lesson 3 - Summary

    • Relaxation - Workbook

    • Lesson 4 - Practice

    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation (11 minutes)

    • Passive Muscle Relaxation - (11 minutes)

  • 09

    Module 8 - Nurturing the Self

    • Introduction to Module 8

    • Lesson 1 - Relationship with Self

    • Lesson 2 - Being Authentic

    • Lesson 3 - Summary

    • Nurturing the Self - Workbook

    • Lesson 4 - Practice

  • 10

    Final Chapter

    • Bonus Templates

    • Final word from Karina

    • Completion Survey


  • Who is this course for?

    Anyone who has little to no knowledge when it comes to taking care of their mental health and wellbeing. It is also suitable as a refresher course for those who are knowledgeable but need to get back to feeling well again!

  • What sort of issues is this course suitable for?

    This course is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their mental health, but also suitable for those experiencing stress, tension, overwhelm, low mood, emptiness, and negative thinking. It is also suitable for depression and anxiety but depending on the levels of your issue, it may be beneficial to seek additional support through a therapist.

  • What if I'm still not sure?

    You are welcome to arrange a free 20 minute discovery call with me, so we can address any questions or concerns you may have.

Your Tutor

Hi, I'm Karina. I am a professional counsellor and therapist, with over 10 years experience working within various health settings prior to setting up my private practice. I have worked with individuals, groups and corporate clients, sharing therapeutic tools, delivering workshops and training. I am passionate about helping individuals to reach their wellness goals and realise that change, growth and healing is absolutely possible regardless of current circumstances. I'm a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and am an accredited Journey Practitioner.

Karina Ferey, MBACP, Dip couns


If you have any questions or would like to arrange a FREE 20 minute discovery call, please book here.

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love this course, that we will offer a full refund if you are in anyway dissatisfied and notify us within 30 days.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

By the end of this course, you will have

  • Forged a deeper connection with your (authentic) self. feeling centred, grounded, and confident so you can live as the best version of yourself. Calm, Happy YOU.

  • Boosted your awareness of your feelings and thoughts to manage stress and anxiety better, leaving you feeling calmer.

  • Bolstered your mindset and developed a wholesome approach to mental wellbeing, feeling healthy, worthy, and confident.